Nebraska Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs

Statistical data reveals that the total substance abuse population is comprised of about 75% men and 25% women in Nebraska. TED’s survey shows that stimulants top the list of substance abuse in Nebraska followed by marijuana. It also suggests that the percentage of alcohol as the primary substance abused. Cocaine, marijuana and amphetamine are the substances on which 75% of substance abusing men and the 25% of women depend upon.

Amazingly, about 65% of men depend on cocaine and marijuana, but when it comes to the use of amphetamine, the percentage of substances abused by women was greater than that of men. Nearly 80% of alcoholics are male out of which one third falls within the age group of 35-40 years old. It is also observed that teens are more inclined towards cocaine and marijuana.

Nebraska Rehab Program

Alarmed by these percentages, the government has rolled up their sleeves along with a lot of many private agencies. A Nebraska rehab program will help ensure these addicted individuals come out of this. A patient has both options of getting treated either at home or by staying in a rehab center. The decision does not only depend on the individual but also depends on the counselor and other help received.

The counselor of the rehab centers will conduct a study of the gravity of the case and accordingly make the decision. For the study, they first need to develop a friendly relation with the patient so that they may confide with them. Secondly, they need a lot of support and information from the family members as addiction is mainly due to emotional reasons.

If the case is found to be quite old and grave, then the patient is recommended to stay in the center itself and go through inpatient substance abuse treatment. This stay can range from a few days to a year in some cases. The greater the addiction the longer the time the addict has to stay in the rehab center. If the case is a recent habit and not so grave then the patient can undergo treatment staying at home as an outpatient and visiting the rehab center at a regular interval decided by the counselor.

If you need to locate a Nebraska rehab program, you may call 800-303-4372. The treatment has phases like detoxification, psychological counseling, emotional support, medical treatment and measures to prevent any chance of the case getting reverted back. Once the patient is out of the rehab center, he or she has to be provided with the utmost care and support going forward where aftercare is highly recommended.

It is equally important that the professional front of the individual also accepts him or her without a hitch in mind. If one understands the cause of substance abuse is negligence, ignorance and non-acceptance, the solution to this lies in the cause itself. The addict will generally have to display a willingness to get help most of the time, although there are exceptions that have been seen through mandatory treatment. Dealing with addiction requires a lot of patience and at the same time, demands love.

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