New York Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs

Drug abuse remains as one of the worst forms of dilemmas in human society. It has engulfed a large segment of modern generations of men and women alike. Recent statistics show for the state of New York over the past few years show there is living proof of the predicament that is poised at some of the modern cities of the world.

A well-developed drug rehabilitation program in New York is aimed at capping the situation. To this end in view, there is a 24-hour helpline available at 800-303-4372, and they can help find a New York rehab program. You can also call and speak with a counselor about whatever is going on.

In 2010, there were reported more than 320,000 cases of drug addiction and abuse in New York. Out of this there are an alarming 75% men while women have followed up in the remaining 25% among the addicts. In the years from the early 1990s to 2006 there has been a phenomenal rise of patients suffering from secondary illnesses arising from drug abuse; the percentage increase shot from 10% approximately to around 35%.

New York Rehab Program

There are various forms of drug abuse seen in New York. New York rehab programs have registered cases of addicts with a history of abuse with alcohol, drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and even prescription drugs used for treatments and medication. According to the reports of 2010 there have been approximately 25000 people who were reported to have smoked cocaine. This is in addition to another 12000 approximately who came in for treatments.

In modern times, there has been an increase in the number of heroin addicts as compared to the figures for cocaine and marijuana. Owing to its commonplace availability and convenient accessibility among buyers, the addiction rate is alarmingly high. In the statistics of 2010 for those who registered for a New York rehab program, there is a very high level of heroin addiction among the patients.

Drug rehabilitation centers in New York have also reported a high figure of cases that have come in for treatments for the abuse of prescription drugs. These drugs were consumed for non-medical reasons by addicts of cocaine and heroin who found similar effects in these substances.

However, the highest rate of addicts who reported for treatment in the various New York rehab programs were afflicted with the negative effects of marijuana. In 2010 alone, there were more than 50,000 reported patients. In fact, alcohol has remained one of the consistently pestering reasons for the increasing number of addiction patients.

In 2010 alone, there have been more than 50,000 reported cases of alcohol dependency with another approximate figure of more than 75,000 that came in for secondary levels of dependence. There are several centers for a New York rehab program available in its localities and neighborhoods.

The toll-free helpline number 800-303-4372 is always available for contacting ready and immediate help for those needing assistance with drug abuse. This is also a confidential and easy access for those seeking information on acquiring help for their conditions, or those who just want someone to talk to who aren’t even sure what is going on.

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